brief CV

University of Glasgow (2014-2018)
PhD: “Evaluating the Impact of Physical Activity Apps and Wearables: an Interdisciplinary Investigation of Research Designs and Methods”. (Digital Health, Social and Public Health).

University of Glasgow (2010-2014)
Graduate in Psychology MA (Hons)
Other Undergraduate subjects: Digital Media and Information Studies, Statistics, Philosophy


McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Asadzadeh, P., Gray, CM and Chalmers, M. (2019). An N-of-1 Evaluation Framework for Behaviour Change Applications. In Proceedings of ACM CHI’19 Extended Abstracts, May 4–9, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland UK

Shameer, K., Johnston, K.W., Readhead, B., Glicksburg, B., McCallum, C., Amjesh, R., Hirsch, J., Bock, K., Chelico, J., Hajizadeh, N., Oppenheim, M., Dudley, J., (2018).  Rapid Therapeutic Recommendations in the Context of a Global Public Health Crisis using Translational Bioinformatics Approaches: A proof-of-concept study using Nipah Virus Infection. (2018). Preprint:

McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Gray, C. (2018).  Evaluating the impact of physical activity apps and wearables: interdisciplinary review. Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) mHealth uHealth. doi:

Rooksby, J., Asadzadeh, P., Morrison, A., McCallum, C., Gray, C. & Chalmers, M. (2016) Implementing Ethics for a Mobile App Deployment. In Proceedings of the 28th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (OzCHI) (pp. 406-415). ACM.

Abstracts and posters

McCallum, C., Campbell, M. Higgs, M, Rapley, T., Vines, J., Hackett, K. (2020). Apps targeting symptoms associated with Sjögren’s syndrome and potential users’ perceptions of their features: content analysis and think aloud study. Ann Rheum Dis, 79 (1), 2020, p913

McCallum, C., Campbell, M. Higgs, M, Rapley, T., Vines, J., Hackett, K. (2020). Identifying and optimising multiple intervention components and their delivery within a self-management smartphone app for people with Sjögren’s syndrome: a qualitative study. Ann Rheum Dis, 79(1), p.1263

McCallum, C., Campbell, M., Rapley., T., Vines, J., Hackett, K (2020) .Identifying theory- and evidence-based components of a chronic illness self-management app for Sjogren’s syndrome, Centre for Behaviour Change Conference, University College London, April 2020

McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Gray, C. (2020). Using rapid research designs to evaluate the effectiveness of behaviour change apps and wearables: an interview study. Centre for Behaviour Change Conference, University College London, April 2020

Higgs, M., McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Asadzadeh, P., Chalmers, M., Gray, C. (2017). Step-by-step: Exploring the use of artificial intelligence methods to evaluate physical activity apps through the App Store GetAMoveOn Network+ 1st Annual Symposium on Enhancing Physical Activity Through Technology, London, May 2017.

Rooksby, J., McCallum, C., Asadzadeh, P., Buls, D. & Chalmers, M. (2017) Some Design Challenges for Self Experimentation Apps. Paper presented at Digital Health and Self Experimentation Workshop at CHI 2017.

McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Asadzadeh, P., Chalmers, M., Gray, C. (2017).  “Physical Activity App Store Apps: How Can We Evaluate Effectiveness“?  Centre for Behaviour Change Conference, University College London, Feb 2017

McCallum, C., Asadzadeh, P., Rooksby, J. & Gray, C. (2016). Can we combine Single Case Design with App Store delivery to evaluate the effectiveness of a physical activity app? ESRC Research Methods Festival, 4-7th July 2016 , Bath (Poster)

Rost, M., Rooksby, J., and McCallum, C. (2015) FITtogether: An ‘Average’ Activity Tracker. Beyond Personal Informatics: Paper presented at CHI Workshop 2015: Designing for Experiences of Data, April 18th 2015, Seoul.

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Postgraduate courses, University of Glasgow:
Quantitative Data Analysis (with ‘R’), MSc, Jan-Mar 2018
Research Design (intensive course for PhD students, Dec 2017 and April 2018)
Research Design, MSc, Sept-Dec 2017

Guest lectures and talks

  • Understanding Behavior in app-based fully remote trials. IMPACCT: mHealth in Clinical Trials, July 2019, Boston, USA
  • Developing and evaluating an evidence-based self-management app for people living with Sjögren’s syndrome.  Development and Modelling of Complex Interventions Group, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, March 2019

Project experience/roles

  • Committee member: Early Career Researcher (ECR) Management Group, Northumbria University
  • Project Coordinator: Future of Interdisciplinary Computational Science (FICS),  University of Glasgow, 18th October 2017.
  • Project Coordinator: What works in digital health – bridging the disciplinary divide, University of Glasgow, 23-24th July 2015 (see blog post)
  • Committee member and session chair: IHAWKES conference (Institute of Health and Wellbeing Knowledge Exchange Students), University of Glasgow, 8th June 2015.
  • Project Coordinator (In-country): Students Volunteers Abroad, South Africa, June-September 2012.

Other research experience

Student UX Researcher at Giantwell (December 2013-June 2015)
Giantwell (a UK-based startup) develop smartphone applications for health and wellbeing. This project involved conducting qualitative interviews to understand attitudes towards self-management and mental health and wellness apps

Research Assistant at Dr Jack Boyle & Associates (2012-2014).
Dr Jack Boyle is an Educational Psychologist and Expert Witness. This work involved providing reports on research conducted within fields of learning disabilities, PTSD, phobias, child development, child abuse, contact arrangements and immigration, as well as administrative work (e.g. communication with clinicians, solicitors and clients, records management and report preparation).

Vacation Scholarship Project:  Education (June – August 2013)
Project funded by Carnegie Trust undertaken within honours year of Undergraduate degree. Supervised by Dr Steve Draper, University of Glasgow. This project investigated the relative roles and benefits of reading, writing and discussion in learning, within UK classrooms (Ages 7-18 in Scotland and England) and Universities. The research involved designing, conducting and evaluating a mixed-methods study.

JMIR, JMIR mHealth uHealth, JMIR Research Protocols, CHI, Journal of Physical Activity and Aging, INTERACT, Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth)

Training/MSc modules/other

  • Multiphase Optimisation Strategy (MOST) 2-day workshop, lead by Professor Linda Collins, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2020
  • Centre for Behaviour Change Summer School 2019, University College London
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery. Lead by Professor Jason Ellis (Northumbria University), Dublin, Ireland, November 2018
  • Leadership (First Line Manager) –  Level 3 Qualification awarded by Chartered Management Institute
  • Project Management – Level 3 Qualification awarded by Chartered Management Institute
  • Advanced Statistics (STATA), Applied Qualitative Methods, Introduction to Social Theory (Certificate received, University of Glasgow)
  • Analysis of Qualitative Data (Framework analysis, NatCen)
  • Designing and Evaluating Complex Interventions (Global Health MSc, University of Glasgow)


Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Scholarship Award.
Funding 4 year PhD 2014-2018.  LKAS fund interdisciplinary research.

Vacation Scholarship awarded by The Carnegie Trust.
Research project undertaken 2013 exploring the relative roles of reading, writing and discussion when learning.

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