Claire McCallum

Summary: 3rd year PhD student. Bringing together health and computing science/HCI research methods to evaluate the effectiveness of health apps and wearables (for improving physical activity). Interested in automating experiments using the Apple App Store to test, remotely and at scale, whether an app changes behaviour. Special interest in Single Case Designs / N-of-1 trials.


I’m working within both the Institute of Health and Wellbeing and School of Claire DisplayComputing Science at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Dr Cindy Gray, John Rooksby and Matthew Chalmers.

I completed my Undergraduate degree in Psychology (also at the University of Glasgow).  I have been awarded 4 years of funding for the PhD (until 2018) through a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Scholarship.

I am also working within the research project A Population Approach to Ubicomp System Design.


  • Mobile health apps and wearables for physical activity
  • Assessing effectiveness of complex interventions
  • Efficient experimental designs and research methods
    • Single Case Designs / N-of-1
    • Continuous sensor data
    • Automated research trials / App store deployment
    • Process evaluations
  • User Experience
  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • All challenges associated with evaluating mHealth



Institute of Health and Wellbeing, room 108
25 Bute Gardens
University of Glasgow


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